Natural Remedies for Dogs with Anxiety

Natural Solutions for Dog Anxiety

Natural remedies for dogs with anxiety are becoming increasingly popular, helping to ease emotional, mental and physical problems. 

This means an increasing number of pet parents are shying away from more traditional methods for dog anxiety, such as medication.

Interestingly, anxiety in pets has reportedly increased since the Covid pandemic. Most shocking of all is the jump in separation anxiety, which has increased by over 700%. This could well be why natural dog anxiety relief has become a hot topic.

However, it’s recommended that you and your pup always visit your vet first, so they can diagnose the root cause of your dog’s anxiety and rule out any serious medical or behavioural issues.

Once your vet has confirmed that it’s not a health issue your dog is dealing with, the following suggestions for DIY anxiety relief for dogs could be precisely what your pooch needs to return to their normal, happy self.


Dog anxiety relief: exercise

Sometimes, your stress becomes your pet’s stress, which we talk about in our blog ‘Can dog owners experiencing long term stress or anxiety transfer it to their pets?

If a busy work schedule means you aren’t taking your dog for the regular walk they are used to, they may feel anxious.

Just like people, one of the best natural remedies for dog anxiety and stress is getting them out of the house and letting them exercise. Even old dogs need regular exercise, as long as it involves activities that are easier on their ageing joints.

Remember to let your dog stop and sniff regularly, if they want to, as this lets them engage their natural instincts and boosts mental stimulation.


Dog anxiety relief: mental stimulation

Playing with your dog or teaching them a new trick diverts their attention away from a stressful experience. You’re also engaging with them one-on-one, which is something many stressed dogs crave from their owners after long days alone at home. 

Stress in dogs can develop as a result of boredom, so doing something fun and/or challenging together can uplift your dog’s mood and ease their anxiety.

Why not try taking a different route when you’re outside together for a walk? This can provide both physical exercise and extra stimulation, as your dog sniffs new bushes and meets new people and pooches.

Adding enrichment to your dog’s day by providing a puzzle ball or enrichment game can also help.


Dog anxiety relief: music

A 2017 study by the Scottish SPCA and the University of Glasgow revealed that music could be effective in decreasing signs of anxiety in dogs.

The researchers observed groups of dogs whilst playing various types of music. They found that soft rock and reggae music were the most effective in reducing canine anxiety and decreasing heart rate, but individual dogs had distinct preferences.

Playing your pet’s favourite music at a low volume, especially if you have to leave them alone, can add another layer of calm to your pet’s environment. However, first make sure that your dog does, indeed, appreciate it.

Listen to a playlist specifically designed for dog calming HERE.


Dog listening to music for calming Halo Pet Crystal Blog


Dog anxiety relief: essential oils

Pets can benefit from aromatherapy if it’s used properly. However, it must be practised with caution, because they are much more sensitive to essential oils than humans. In fact, some essential oils, such as cinnamon and peppermint, can be toxic to dogs.

Here at Halo Pet Crystal, we are passionate about natural products for dog anxiety. That’s why we created two dog-safe essential oil blends. 

Both of our blends are responsibly formulated with 100% pure essential oils that have been clinically tested for safety and approved by an animal naturopath. 

They are specifically designed to be used with our unique Halo diffuser pendant, which sits on a stylish vegan leather collar, creating natural wellbeing with style.

Our Inner Peace pet essential oil blend was developed for dogs and cats to promote relaxation, balance their moods, relieve anxiety and calm fears.

It includes organic lavender, chamomile, organic frankincense, cedarwood and organic geranium, which provides a natural remedy to help them relax during thunderstorms, fireworks, boarding, grooming, training, adoptions, crating, separation and clinic visits.

Meanwhile, our Pure Happiness pet essential oil blend features organic geranium, organic orange sweet valencia, organic frankincense and chamomile to help balance and boost their mood, while promoting feelings of unconditional love.

The botanicals in this beautiful essential oil blend are purifying, heart opening and uplifting.

dog with essential oils and crystals

Dog anxiety relief: crystals

Crystals can help to improve the health, vitality, happiness and quality of life of the animals you look after.

Each type of crystal has different healing properties; therefore, crystals are a great natural treatment for dog separation anxiety. They are also highly effective for rescue dogs that tend to be more fearful, stressed and wary of bonding with humans.

Many dog parents have also seen their pups become more relaxed, friendlier and even more open to training from using crystals.

Our Halo Pet Crystal range was specifically designed to introduce crystal healing for dogs. The chic vegan leather collar has a meticulously crafted crystal pendant of your choice, which is available with amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz.

One of our favourite natural products for dog anxiety is our stunning amethyst collar, which is one of the most powerful crystals for pet anxiety and stress relief. 

It’s the best choice for dogs with separation anxiety, especially if they are used to being around their humans a lot. 

The amethyst creates a balance between a healthy lifestyle and relaxing your pet; reducing the need for your dog to bark. You’ll also notice your dog being much more affectionate and welcoming.


Dog anxiety relief: massage and acupuncture

Just 15 minutes of massaging your dog will make a world of difference to their stress and anxiety levels. 

Some locations on a dog’s body - such as the feet, ears and top of the head - are natural pressure points.

Similarly, licensed veterinary acupuncturists can treat pet stress and anxiety, sometimes with better results than medication. 

The treatment stimulates the release of the body’s pain-relieving substances, without any potentially adverse side effects.

dog receiving massage

Dog anxiety relief: grooming

Anxiety therapy for your dog could be as simple as 10 minutes of brushing or grooming every night, if this is something they find calming.

It will feel great for your pup and will also help to strengthen your bond. After all, research shows that oxytocin is released when you touch your dog. This is also known as the ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle hormone’, 

Essentially, the more you lovingly interact with your dog, the more of the love hormone they will secrete.

relaxed dog getting massage

In conclusion

If you are interested in trying natural remedies for dog anxiety, there are several different options you can utilise, from playing soothing music to boosting your exercise or grooming routine.

Experimentation is often the key. After all, just like humans, every dog is different, so what works for one pup may not work for another. Why not work your way through our list until you find something that helps to ease their anxiety?

Remember to check out our range of crystal and diffuser collars, which are specially formulated to help pets dealing with a wide range of anxiety issues. We particularly recommend our beautiful amethyst collar and Inner Peace essential oil blend.

Happy healing!