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Enhance your pet's well-being with the Halo Pet Aromatherapy Collar set, the perfect anti anxiety treatment for dogs. Combat separation anxiety in dogs with this vegan leather designer dog collar, dog leash and poop bag holder. Set contains a blend of 100% pure organic essential oils that provide natural calming effects for your furry friend. Ultimate dog anxiety treatment with the Halo Pet Aromatherapy Collar. Off white dog collar set. Beige dog collar.

Halo Inner Peace Collar Set

The Set includes the following: - Halo Inner Peace Collar including colour-matched Halo Pet Aromatherapy Pendant - Leash - Poop Bag Holder - 2 rolls of scented biodegradable poop bags (30 days' worth of supply)  - 10 ML...
Pink Dog collar with rose quartz crystal, pink dog accessories, designer collar dog, dog leash and poop bag holder.  Rose Quartz helps with bonding after dog adoption or dog rescue, great for bonding, love and connection with your newly adopted dog after dog rescue or dog adoption. Great designer puppy collar pink,crystal therapy for dogs, healing crystals for dog collars, calming crystals for dogs, dog collars with healing crystals, calming crystals for dogs

Halo Crystal Collar Set

$173.00From $139.00
The Crystal Set includes the following: - Halo Pet Crystal Collar - Halo Pet Crystal Pendant - Available with Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Clear Quartz - See Pet Crystal Guide to learn more - Leash - Poop Bag...