Halo Crystal Collar Range

The three most powerful crystals for your pet and their main benefits

Rose Quartz

• Attracts feelings of unconditional love

• Perfect for rescue animals

• Help to overcome your dog's past abuse and trauma

• Perfect for bonding between pets and pet parents

• Helps dogs with territorial issues & reduces aggression

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Clear Quartz

• Increases focus & concentration. Perfect for puppy and pet training

• Balances emotions to prevent stress & anxiety

• Revitalises the physical & mental state of your dog

• Increases social skills & confidence

• Strengthens the healing properties of other crystals when used together

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• Best choice for dogs with separation anxiety

• Perfect for pets that stay at home for prolonged periods of time

• Helps reduce pets that struggle with long travel anxiety

• Creates balances and relaxes

• Beneficial for elderly dogs, reducing muscle & joint pain

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How can my pet benefit from crystals?

Like humans, pets can absorb the energy from crystals.

These shiny stones may not be the first thing that comes to our mind when we seek solutions to help our beloved dog or cat, however if you try them out and you will be surprised by how efficient crystals can be regardless of whether your fur baby's problems derive from physical, mental, or emotional levels.

Crystals are known to promote good, positive energy and get rid of negative energy of animals mind, body and soul which can then aid to create both physical and emotional benefits.

Using Halo Pet Crystal Collar for your beloved furry friend will not only make him or her look more adorable, but it will infuse their body with the crystal's energy throughout the day.

Halo Pet Crystal Collar range is offered with three different type of crystals, each having a specific healing ability.

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Reviews and Success Stories

This set is absolutely stunning on my bestie, he always gets loads of comments on it when we are out and about. What I love most about the collar is the quick release clasp, the luxe fittings and the clip for the leash at the back of the collar so the crystal is always hanging at the front. I do truly believe my dog is more relaxed since using the crystal and oils too

Waldorf & Astoria`s Review