Hi, I’m Ildiko! The founder of Halo Pet Crystal

I’m often asked ‘where did the idea for Halo Pet Crystal begin?’

After all, our product is unique and you probably haven’t seen anything quite like it before.

Well, the answer is often a surprise to curious pet parents.

Our journey began when our dog-loving daughter, Laura, created Halo Pet Popsicle - the most delicious dog treat on the market (officially given the paw of approval by our beloved family pup, Benjy).

Along the way, as my husband, Attila, and I helped Laura launch her exciting new business, it took our understanding of pets and their needs to a whole new level. From our own research to meeting many devoted pet parents and their beautiful four-legged companions.

We discovered that a surprising number of pooches - and their people - are struggling with canine anxiety

Even worse, they don’t know what to do or where to turn. 

This was a situation we personally knew all too well, as we’d also been experiencing separation anxiety with Benjy.

For a long time, we’d been searching for a natural solution to help with Benjy’s intense anxiety. 

We didn’t want to pump him full of medication in the hopes of calming him down, but we also didn’t want to see him in such distress. And Benjy wasn’t the only one feeling stressed - we were all tense, anxious and unable to relax.

We desperately wanted to find the answer.

However, nothing we tried seemed to soothe our frantic pup. 

Benjy would cry, panic and scratch at the door every time we left him alone, even for short periods.

We were reaching breaking point. But just when we thought we had tried everything, I heard about crystal healing for animals and pet aromatherapy

I had always been a huge fan of crystal healing and essential oils, using both to enhance my own wellbeing. What I hadn’t realised was that they could help Benjy too.

So, after doing extensive research and learning about the incredible anxiety-soothing properties of amethyst for pets, we decided to give it a try. 

After all, we were confident in its powers, and what did we have to lose?

…Which was when we hit our next snag. No matter where we searched, we couldn’t find a suitable crystal collar for Benjy.

We wanted something that would help with Benjy’s anxiety on the go…but also look good too.

Inspired by Laura and her entrepreneurial spirit, I knew there was only one option. If the solution didn’t already exist, I had to create a safe, effective and stylish solution.

And, in that moment, Halo Pet Crystal was born

I got to work on designing, developing and dreaming big. 

Our simple solution for our beloved Benjy soon turned into a full range of natural wellbeing products.

Halo Pet Crystal started life as a set of chic vegan leather collars featuring amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz, but we soon added a stylish naturopath-approved (by Ruth Hatten) diffuser pendant and two essential oil blends to harness the power of pet aromatherapy.

Just a few months later, Benjy was the proud owner of a Halo Pet Crystal amethyst collar and diffuser pendant.

Almost instantly, our anxious pup was transformed

The puddles of pupper tears vanished. 

The scratching at the door stopped completely. 

Benjy even started to enjoy the company of other dogs at the beach, where before he’d shied away from this type of interaction. 

I knew I had created something special and couldn’t wait to share it with other pet parents too.

So, with the support of Attila, the Halo Pet Crystal shop was launched and we set to work on spreading the word about natural wellbeing solutions for pets.

Our motto is ‘natural wellbeing with style’

After all, why should a pet wellbeing collar look boring and ugly?

We believe that you and your pooch can have it all. 

That’s why our crystal and diffuser collars not only help pets with anxiety, connection, bonding and focus, they turn heads too!

We even added a leash and poop bag holder to our collection. 

So wherever you go, you can step out in style!

We live the authentic wellbeing lifestyle

And at Halo Pet Crystal, we have four simple values that guide everything we do:

Happiness for all

Every decision we make is based on improving the health and happiness of our beloved pets. In turn, this brings joy and contentment to our community of loving pet parents. We harness the potential and power of optimistic, open-thinking and believe that every pet deserves to feel calm and at ease in any situation.

Education is key

We educate our community on the wonderful benefits of natural remedies for pets. Our goal is to empower and inspire pet parents with knowledge, so they can make informed choices when it comes to finding effective wellbeing solutions for their pet.

Sharing is caring

We share our personal experiences of dealing with canine anxiety, to invite hope and create a safe space for other pet parents. We care deeply about our community (both our human and four-legged friends) and always act with empathy and understanding.

Always crystal clear

We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency. We back up every claim we make with research or anecdotal evidence to nurture trust. We listen to our community, communicate with clarity and ensure we're always available to answer any questions.

I didn’t want to design just another pretty collar. 

I wanted to create a collar that would transform the lives of our cherished pups, because of all the love and devotion they offer us.

As part of our mission to naturally improve the wellbeing of pets around the world, we are passionate about telling our story and providing education to empower & inspire pet parents.

Halo Pet Crystal collars changed our family’s life. And we’re confident they can do the same for you too.