Reviews and Success Stories

We had the wonderful opportunity to care for this adorable little Teddy bear for a few days. When we first met him, his energy was off the charts! He couldn't stay still for a single moment, his leg shaking. Despite our best intentions, we noticed that he became frightened whenever we tried to show affection, as if he had experienced some sort of mistreatment in the past.

During his first night with us, he couldn't find a comfortable position to rest in his bed. Around 11 pm, we decided to try something different. We gently placed a halo aromatherapy collar with a few drops of Inner Peace essential oil on Teddy. Within moments, it was as if a wave of relaxation washed over him. His breathing became calm, and he finally settled down to sleep. 

The following morning, we were overjoyed to see Teddy wake up full of energy. He even leaped into our laps, craving that much-needed cuddle time. It was heartwarming to witness his transformation, and we were glad to have played a part in making him feel safe and loved.

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