Calming & Natural Pet Anxiety Relief

Help your dog to feel calmer, happier & more relaxed with the Halo Pet Anxiety Relief Collection.

This collection features natural remedies to relax dogs, through the use of Amethyst crystals or the Inner Peace essential oil. Ideal if your dog is experiencing separation or travel anxiety, or they’re struggling with being left alone at home or stressed while socialising.

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Halo Pet Aromatherapy Collar, the natural anti anxiety treatment for dogs. Say goodbye to separation anxiety in dogs with this trendy and healing collar. 100% pure, combining several organic essential oils, this collar provides natural anxiety relief for dogs. Discover the ultimate dog anxiety treatment with the Halo Pet Aromatherapy Collar. Off white Dog collar, Vegan leather dog collar.

Halo Inner Peace Calming & Pet Anxiety Relief Collar

Meet your pet’s new travel essentials or home-alone kit! To use a little help from plants we created the Halo Pet Crystal Essential Oil Blend collection of exclusive blends carefully curated...
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Halo Crystal Collar with Amethyst

Your pet will feel like strutting on the red carpet wearing the trendy Halo Pet Crystal collar while being energised by the properties of the crystal. Animals can benefit from crystal healing...
Halo Pet Crystal - Inner Peace Pet Essential Oil Blend™ - 10 ML. Pet aromatherapy with Inner Peace Pet Essential Oil. 100% pure and natural, combining several organic essential oils this essential oil blend provides natural anxiety relief for dogs. Discover the ultimate dog anxiety treatment with the Halo Pet Aromatherapy Collar or use it in oil diffuser. Say goodbye to separation anxiety in dogs or travel anxiety. Great for calming for dogs.

Inner Peace Pet Essential Oil Blend - 10 ML

Ingredients: Organic Lavender French (Lavandula angustifolia)Organic Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)Organic Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) Cedarwood Virginian (Juniperus virginiana) Chamomile German Blue (Matricaria recutita) How to use: To help your pet settle and...

Teddy`s Lifechanging Transformation

We had the wonderful opportunity to care for this adorable little Teddy bear for a few days. When we first met him, his energy was off the charts! He couldn't stay still for a single moment, his leg shaking. Despite our best intentions, we noticed that he became frightened whenever we tried to show affection, as if he had experienced some sort of mistreatment in the past.

During his first night with us, he couldn't find a comfortable position to rest in his bed. Around 11 pm, we decided to try something different. We gently placed a halo aromatherapy collar with a few drops of Inner Peace essential oil on Teddy. Within moments, it was as if a wave of relaxation washed over him. His breathing became calm, and he finally settled down to sleep. 

The following morning, we were overjoyed to see Teddy wake up full of energy. He even leaped into our laps, craving that much-needed cuddle time. It was heartwarming to witness his transformation, and we were glad to have played a part in making him feel safe and loved.

Watch Teddy`s transformation